Years of professional experience

Trustee for Trust srl is an italian trust company founded thanks to the experience of the Studio Scarinci-Abate on the trust and on consultancy and management of real estate. From several years, the Studio Scarinci-Abate (tax and accounting Italian firm) suggests to its clients the trust when the Italian law is not able to solve efficiently problems raised by the clients themselves. Founded by chartered accountants, Trustee for Trust srl is a firm committed to find solutions to asset, finance and inheritance’s problems by using the trust as legal institute recognized in Italy. Moreover, the firm conducts activities to spread knowledge about the trust’s potentialities. CONTINUE


Legal entity

The trust is a legal entity, governed by a non-Italian law, recognized under the Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition (or Hague Trust Convention) of July 1st 1985, that entered into force in Italy on January 1st 1992. The trust is created -inter vivos or on death- by the settlor (an individual, a legal person or a legal entity), when assets (real estate, shares, bonds, money, works of art or other assets) have been placed under the control of a trustee. The trustee manages, employs and disposes the assets for the benefit of a beneficiary or a specified purpose. CONTINUE